Writing Goal #2

2. Re-work Lottie alongside Tabitha edits (Tabitha is a spin-off of Lottie).

I said this the other week, but I will say it again, I have decided to shelve my first book Lottie. I've always said that it's the book I wrote to learn how to write a book and I know it's not good enough for publication without a lot of revising.

I love a lot of it - there are some *brilliant* bits in it - but it needs more work than I can give it at the moment. Even if it never sees the shelves, my fourth book is a spin-off from it and I know that *will* be published. 
So, as far as this goal goes, this one is done and dusted. Sometimes you just have to take that decision, even if you wish you could have done things differently, but this frees me up to work on book 5 which I'm very excited about!

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