2010 Writing Goal #7

7. Write chick-lit book #5 - possibly TROG #2.

I honestly thought the sequel to TROG would be chick-lit book #5, but a character called Emily Baxter popped into my head yesterday and I couldn't resist sketching out the specifics of 'Impossibly Emily'.

Emily is a thirty-something with her own radio show on Radio Pengwern, Shrewsbury's number one radio station. She's addicted to Adam Ant and dreams of the day she'll meet her dandy Prince Charming ... despite dating the rather nice, but boring Chester. But, when her radio show gets a new sponsor and Emily has to publically support a venture she detests, her private life takes a turn she never expected ...


  1. OOOH, this sounds like a really interesting concept, right up my alley!

  2. I love chick-lit. Is there anywhere we can read your other books?

  3. I'd love to read this. Especially as it features any mention at all of Adam Ant! <3

  4. Glad people want to read this - I better get writing it!! :D

    @Hannah - Yes, I have sample chapters online! Will Twitter DM you the link.

    @ Scarlett - There's a scene you will love in it then - it looks brilliant in my head and that scene is very Adam Ant! :D

  5. Looking forward to reading this in the future. LOVE Adam Ant!

  6. Awesome - glad I have another reader. Yey! {^_^}

  7. Great concept.
    This could work very well as a short series on Radio 4 too.



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