Disneyland Paris: Frontierland and Adventureland

I've lumped Frontierland and Adventureland together in one post because during our visit most of the attractions in these two lands were shut for repairs! (Disneyland Paris is celebrating its 25th anniversary next year so the park is getting spruced up, plus rides do get shut from time to time for general repairs or reinvigoration.)

One of my favourite rides in Frontierland is Big Thunder Mountain and, yep, it's closed all year. Never mind, I thought, I'll go on the one in the Magic Kingdom when I'm over in Florida... yep, it will be closed when I'm there. Doh!

Phantom Manor was pretty much the only thing open in Frontierland - you can check planned closures here - and I went on it twice. Both times I was sat with my eldest nephew who told me how the effects were done... What do you mean it's not real?!

It's right by the Silver Spur Steakhouse, which is where we went for dinner on Easter Sunday. I found the service to be quite poor, to be honest, but the food was nice enough. You can book restaurants up to two months in advance, which I recommend you do to avoid queuing.

Adventureland is a bit more promising at the moment, though Pirates' Beach, Adventure Isle and the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse areas were all closed.

The meet and greet for Peter Pan, Captain Hook and company is opposite the ship, and you'll find the Aladdin characters in Adventureland, too. There's also a passage near the main entrance of Adventureland which tells you the story of Aladdin as you walk through it.

One ride was definitely open when we visited, and I went on it three times. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Pirates of the Caribbean! The films are actually based on the ride, not the other way round like you might think. If you buy a PhotoPass+ card, this is one of the rides that takes a snap.

Finally, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is one of the two upside down rollercoasters in the park (the other is Space Mountain: Mission 2). It's very rickety, which I'm not keen on, and at the moment the mine carts go forwards on the track - I've been on this before when they went backwards! (I prefer forwards!)

What do you think to Frontierland and Adventureland? (And can't you just tell from the photos that we had such mixed weather on our visit!) x

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