Madame Tussauds

Ah, Madame Tussauds - the place to go to pose with famous (or sometimes fictional) people (and ogres). I headed there last weekend with my friend, though it's not the first time I've stepped foot into the famous waxworks museum.

Located on Marylebone Road, just off Baker Street, Madame Tussauds has had its home there since 1884, though originally was on Baker Street itself in Marie Tussaud's time (pictured top left).

I wonder what she'd make of taking a selfie with Kim and Kanye? It's so interesting to think that the reason people like Marie Tussaud made waxworks was to show what people looked like - nowadays we can access billions of images and videos in seconds; we don't need to see their likeness in wax!

But, even though we don't have to go to a waxworks museum, we still do - Madame Tussauds was very busy as people lined up to take a smiling selfie with their favourites, or do a ridiculous pose with the celebs they didn't like. From the British Royal Family to Barack Obama, Miley Cyrus to Mahatma Gandhi, Madame Tussauds is full of both historical figures and modern celebrities. It's eye-opening to see who the flavour du jour is - I thought Rihanna or Michael Jackson would be super popular, but neither had anyone by them.

Last year YouTubers Zoella and Alfie Deyes were added to the Madame Tussauds London collection, which prompted some interesting reactions/admiration, depending how you feel about them. My friend who I visited with is an orthopaedic surgeon... she had no clue who they were! (Sorry guys.)

After you've peered, posed and wondered whether that man standing there is a waxwork or real - nope he just sneezed; he's real - you hop in a black cab and follow London's history on the Spirit of London ride. I will say here that we had a lovely photo taken of us on this ride, but the cost to buy it? £13. I don't mind paying for that sort of thing, but £13 for one digital photo is ridiculous!

Once you've stepped out of your black cab, it's time for Marvel Super Heroes 4D, which is housed in the old London Planetarium. I used to love visiting the planetarium, so I'm super sad it has closed down, but the film is good fun. After you've hung out with Spiderman and company, it's time for the Star Wars section.

Ticket prices to Madame Tussauds vary, though it is cheaper to book online and you will only have to queue for around ten minutes this way. (If you rock up without a ticket, you could end up queueing for hours.) Our 4pm timeslot cost us £22 each: 4pm is when the cheapest timeslots begin, and we found that two hours was more than enough time to comfortably see everything. The earlier in the day you visit, the more expensive it is. x

Madame Tussauds, Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5LR
Open daily. Tickets cost from £23.79, and can be booked here.

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