Books: 2015 classics challenge

I spotted on Pretty Books a 2015 classics challenge and decided that I'm going to do this challenge, as well as completing my Goodreads challenge.
The task is to simply read one classic book per month in 2015.
Sounds doable, right?

If you want to take part, sign up here, and if you need some help in choosing your first classic book to read this January, there's a list on Goodreads to help get you started.

Now, which classic book shall I read this month?

Find out what I pick each month here. x


  1. Have you started? When does a Classic become a Classic and not a Classic?

    1. I have not, no. I was thinking of making my January book "Tender is the Night" but then I've already read "Eat, Shoots & Leaves" which I've seen referred to as a classic... I guess what a classic is can be quite subjective! Are you going to take part, Han?

  2. Thank you for joining the challenge! :)