Latest Loves: January 2015

I'm a big fan of Wahaca - yes please to pork pibil tacos and their breakfasts - and I've had my eye on the Wahaca Mexican food at home cookbook for a while. I picked it up earlier this week for £4.99 from TK Maxx in Covent Garden, an utter bargain, and I can't wait to get cooking more Mexican food!

The Hollow Crown by Dan Jones is a fabulous non-fiction book that tells us about the War of the Roses and the rise of the Tudors. For me I found this especially fascinating as a lot of the important and deciding battles and executions of this time not only took place in my home county of Yorkshire, but actually in and near my home town. I have no idea why we were never taught about this in school giving that we were right on the doorstep of everything, but Dan Jones is a fine teacher of history and I'll be reading his other books to see if I can learn more of my old local history.

Netflix now has all five series of Pretty Little Liars, and I'm finally able to catch up with the trials of Spencer, Aria, Hannah and Emily as they try and figure out, and stop, the mysterious and deadly "A". OK, Pretty Little Liars can be a bit silly - I would not look so glamorous and perfect like they do if I had a psychotic unknown killer, or two, hell-bent on destroying my life - but it is highly entertaining, and I also love the books by Sara Shepard that the TV show is loosely based upon. It's my guilty pleasure at the moment!

Did you see the garlic dough balls I made from scratch at the weekend? I'm a massive fan of Jamie's latest Comfort Food cookbook, which we got for Christmas, and this recipe is from there. (He calls it tear 'n' share garlic bread, but why would you share something that delicious?!) There are so many *other* brilliant and tasty recipes in there. We've already made several of them already, and it's fast becoming our favourite cookbook.

What are your latest loves? x

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