Urban Art Fair 2014

Art is something we buy to fill our walls and brighten up our homes, but it's not something you can just go out and buy. It shouldn't be forced - if you like a piece, you like it - which might mean you'll be waiting quite a while to fill a space on a wall!

This weekend the South London annual art fair came to our neighbourhood, and we decided to go along to see if we could find something we liked.

This is the fifteenth year the fair has been running, but was our first time - we were away last year when it was on, and we weren't quite sure what to expect!

Paintings and prints are hung up all over Jospehine Avenue, and off the side streets. I love the art made from stamps (top left) by Gary Hogben, and the vibrant colours in the paintings (top right).

My favourite painting was the colourful acrylic (far left, above) by Stephanie Wilkinson - at £760 in the sale though, it sadly didn't make it home with me. Maybe one day!

I absolutely loved these simple colourful paintings by ONYN. We picked up three hand-painted pieces for £30, and from the stall next door we got three signed prints by Luiz Penze (this one, this one and this one) for £10.

We also picked up limited edition prints by Lewis Campbell - his Lost Monkey art is awesome, and these two prints cost £20 each. The top one depicts Brixton (Olly's favourite), whilst the bottom one (my favourite) shows London landmarks taken over by robots, UFOs and monsters. 

Graffiti artists were there, working on a train and canvases - these will be displayed in Brixton Square next week. There was definitely an atmosphere on Josephine Avenue yesterday, and I imagine it will also be like that today!

We'll definitely be back next year, but if you're free this afternoon and want to see (and maybe buy) some great art, the Urban Art Fair is on until 6pm at Brixton's Jospehine Avenue [Map]. x


  1. Many thanks for the kind words and purchases Elle! - Good to meet you. - All the best :)

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