The best (and worst) opticians out there

I was thirteen years old when I was first told I needed to wear glasses so I could see the board at school. So, off I went to SpecSavers, and then continued to sit at the back of the classroom not being able to see the board. (I used to copy the notes from whoever I was sat next to rather than wear my specs!) Fast forward a year or two later and suddenly half my class were wearing glasses so it didn't seem as bad and I reluctantly began to wear them. (Ah, to be a teenage girl again!)

When I turned sixteen, that meant contact lenses, and it was back to SpecSavers to get sorted out. There was something lacking with the service I got there - they were pretty crap, to be honest - so I switched to Boots. Boots was fantastic service-wise, but bloody pricey... so I switched to ASDA.

Yes, ASDA have an opticians service, and I've been with them for many years now. I get a three month supply of my Bausch + Lomb PureVision lenses for the same price Boots used to charge me for one month's worth, plus the last time I needed new glasses I picked up two pairs of Missoni frames for £99 from ASDA. A-mazing! (Those glasses above are pretend by the way - I don't like wearing my glasses out in public because I have an irrational fear of somehow losing them and then being completely blind - eek! Contact lenses FTW, and maybe one day eye laser surgery!)

Every year I've headed back to Yorkshire to visit my opticians because, quite frankly, I like the service I get. But, this year I decided that I would get the sight test and contact lens check-up done in London and then order my lenses from ASDA online. However, when I phoned up Vision Express I was told it would cost £63 for my tests - ouch! To put that ouch into context, the brilliant thing about ASDA is that the contact lens check-up is free if you purchase lenses from them, and my sight test has never cost more than a tenner. You can also order the lenses online, so you don't even have to head back to the store to pick them up.

After checking the trains and finding a return journey to Yorkshire for £36.40, I've decided to stick with who I know. They know my eye history, £36.40 is cheaper than £63, I can visit my family at the same time, plus I'm getting a service that I know will be brilliant. I don't know why I ever decided to look elsewhere.

Who do you use for your eye healthcare? x 

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