This week...

This week has seen me buy a new Oyster card holder as my lovely little Chocolate Rain one was starting to look a little bit battered. Still, one of the London Underground map is highly appropriate for its replacement and only cost £4 from Paperchase, which just happens to be one of my favourite shops. 

Paperback copies of Kept arrived, which are now signed and ready to be posted out to the Goodreads' winners. A big congratulations to the five winners; I'll be running another giveaway soon, don't worry!

This weekend we went to visit our new flat which, as you can see, has a gorgeous little garden. It's a complete change as we'll be moving from North London to South London, but we can't wait to move in next weekend. {^_^}

Finally, I cooked a new dish this weekend but changed the recipe slightly. This spice and honey salmon with couscous dish is delicious if you follow the recipe, I'm sure, but I changed the ras-el-hanout spice to a harissa marinade and added some fresh chili to the couscous. Yummy!

How has your week been? x

PS: Have you noticed the new blog design? What do you think? It was designed by the lovely Jen; if you need a new design for your Blogger blog, do contact her!

PPS: If you've read Kept, loved it and not yet left me a review... you know what to do. I've had so many awesome 5* reviews left this weekend - I'm utterly thrilled!

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  1. Sounds like a well rounded week-defo wanna try that recipe! Am very jealous of you moving, love my flat but hate my neighbours... Had a tweak of my own blog design, must be a June thing-I like it!