Harry Potter studio tour, Leavesden

Last week we headed just outside of London to Leavesden to celebrate my nephew's 7th birthday at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, aka the The Making of Harry Potter. Now, as some of you may know, I'm not so keen on the Harry Potter movies but I had a bit of a thing about the books and had an award-winning, and now very retro-looking, Harry Potter website.

I am definitely no stranger to the series so got to act as a bit of a tour guide to my family and Olly, answering all their Harry Potter questions. Despite not been a massive fan of the movies, it was still wonderful to go on the tour. I think as passive consumers of films none of us really realise just what goes into making a movie, especially movies nowadays with CGI, and what not. To get that insight, well, it's a real eye-opener.

One thing that I noticed, probably because I was with my seven year old nephew, four year old niece and three month old nephew - who all have short, child-like, boredom thresholds, funnily enough - was the wait to get into the actual tour.

We had a time slot of 14.30 and were told that we needed to get there twenty minutes before this slot. If we weren't, and we missed our slot, we might not be allowed in. The reality was we got there twenty minutes early but it took us about an hour to actually get started on the tour. Granted, it may have been half term, but it's worth bearing in mind if you're there with little people and need to plan some queue entertainment for them. 

In total, we were there about three hours, but you could definitely stay longer. We went at the children's pace, rather than our own - they just wanted to see exciting, magical things, rather than read about the ins and outs. There is a lot to take in and you even get a go at flying - both a Ford Anglia and broomstick - which is oh-so-cool.

Once you've finished the first studio, it's out to the back lot - I'll post more about that bit next time! x

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