Sunday roast - pork belly

Yesterday whilst Olly was watching Spurs' final game of the season, it was my responsibility to make the Sunday roast... completely on my own. Here's how I fared:

 Delicious pork belly and crispy crackling served with thyme, garlic, onion, chantenay carrots and broccoli. And, of course, just a little bit of onion balsamic vinegar gravy as the various bits bring pretty awesome flavours to the table as it is. 

What's your favourite type of Sunday roast? x


  1. BIG fan of pork belly - that looks amazing! I hardly ever get a roast - wasn't really something we had a lot growing up. So any kinda roast works for me - roast beef is a big fave...x

  2. That's the one roast I don't like, beef! x