After some summer reads?

At the moment I'm enjoying reading The Diamond Queen by Andrew Marr given that Jubilee fever is definitely in the London air. I am a big fan of The Queen - I was so excited the day I randomly spotted her leaving Westminster Abbey in her car and she waved at me - so would recommend it if you're wondering what The Queen does and why we're celebrating her Jubilee this year.

But, if you're looking for a few more books to read as summer season is approaching and you might be after some beach reads, then here are some books I've really enjoyed over the past few weeks. What I'm reading at the moment can always be found on Goodreads.

  • The Marchwood Vampire series and Outside by Shalini Boland - I was sceptical about both having read far too many vampire and dystopian Young Adult books of late, but I was wrong. Both Outside and The Marchwood Vampire books (Hidden and Thicker Than Blood) are brilliant reads that you'll want to continue reading without stopping until you've finished them. These are going to be the next big thing!
  • The Kindest Thing by Cath Staincliffe is another page-turner. This time it's a book about dying but in a human way. Protagonist Deborah is on trial for helping to kill her husband, at his request, because of the disease he has was robbing him of his life and he wanted to go with dignity. It's clever, emotional, and makes you think.
  • Rosie Fiore's Babies in Waiting didn't seem like my cup of tea given it was about babies but I was proved wrong - remember not to judge a book by its cover or subject matter! It's about 3 mothers who are all expecting babies in the same month and it's beautifully written.
  • Finally, Mortal Chaos by Matt Dickinson has an intricately-woven plot that is seriously impressive. Based on chaos theory, this Young Adult book deserves to be enjoyed by all. 

Happy reading! Am hoping that I will soon have some news to share about my first book to be published - then you can all add it to your summer reading lists! ;) Do you have any recommended reads for me? x


  1. Thanks for these - I've just finished the Chaos Walking trilogy, have you read it? Like Philip Pullman. Powerful YA stuff.

    What are you writing Claire?

  2. I have not - adds them to the list!

    I've actually got a few finished books but not touched them in a few years as the craze of London life (and a few years getting so close to getting an agent/publication and then nothing) stopped me. So, am revisiting them and one of them is actually going over to a publissher once I've tidied it up. I write mostly chick lit, but a but less vapid, and have a crime fiction I started and a YA book on the go too. :) One day they will be on Amazon!! {^_^} x