Home-made paprika chips recipe

I'm a big fan of home-made chips. Sometimes these chips are best seasoned with salt and malt vinegar, other times you might just fancy something a bit different... I give you, paprika chips! (Well, York gave you paprika chips - all the chippies there seem to have paprika chips on the menu and that's where this inspiration came from.)

First up, get the oven heated to 180°C, which is gas mark 4. Get your potatoes peeled and sliced - how thick you want these is your call, but I wouldn't go *too* thin. King Edward, Maris Piper or Sante are *the* potatoes recommended for chips but, I'll confess, today I actually used a large baking potato as it needed using up and they still tasted YUMMY.

Put your chips into a large pan of salted cold water and bring them to the boil. As soon as it's reached boil, drain them and grab some kitchen roll. You want to make sure that the chips are dry(ish) and not soggy. Once you've done that, it's paprika time!

Add a splash or two of veggie or sunflower oil into a bowl and coat your chips in the oil. Then add some paprika and get those chips covered. With the oil they'll absorb the paprika and they will be nicely, not excessively covered. Don't let the picture alarm you, this was before I got my hands stuck in and made sure that the paprika was evenly spread.

Put your paprika chips on a baking tray and cook for around 25 minutes, remembering to flip them over and give them a shake around whilst they are cooking. You want these to be a bit crispy to bring out the flavour so use your judgement if you think they need a little longer in the oven. Voila! Yummy paprika chips. {^_^}

I served mine up with a sweet chilli chicken burger, topped with jalapeƱos and nacho chips - a taste overload this lunchtime! x

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