Latest Loves 16/04

Chocolate Rain is inspired by childhood dreams and reminds me of another 'childhood' brand I love, Bobbypin by Jeffery Fulvimari. I expect my new Oyster card holder to draw jealous glances.

It's a tourist trap, but I quite love TGI Friday's, I must confess. I'm particularly partial to the Jack Daniel's sesame chicken strips. Oh, and the fact you can get a quite drinkable bottle of champagne for a mere £26.{^_^}

As a major fan of breakfast, The Breakfast Club makes perfect sense. I only wonder why I didn't go sooner.

The British Museum is awe-inspiring as a building; that's without considering the awe the content inside said building generates. Every time I go - and that's a *lot* of times - I always visit the Ancient Egyptian section. Best of all, it's free, which truly is wonderful in this day and age. Major kudos.

What are you all loving at the moment? xoxo

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