Trainspotting before The Day Job

I had the *genius* idea of a a "Trainspotting" feature on my morning commute, but it sadly seems not many people utilise their train time like I do... or, if they do read, they hide their books so I cannot spy the title - rudeness! Do they not know some of us have blog readers to cater for! ;p

I've managed to spot, so far:

  • Twilight - Stephenie Meyer
  • Angels and Demons - Dan Brown
  • To Kill A Mockingbird - Harper Lee
  • Parky: My Autobiography - Michael Parkinson
  • The Front - Patricia Cornwell
  • The Appeal - John Grisham
  • Mr MacGregor - Alan Titchmarsh

  • Verdict = dire. I won't be repeating this endeavour in March!

    Speaking of the commute, I guess I should write something about The Day Job - I cannot believe I've been there four weeks! I broadly work in "communications" (primarily assisting with a magazine and website), although I was a wee bit excited today when registering for as I got to list myself as "staff journalist" - ooh!

    It's all going well though; everyone is lovely, and I don't know what else to say about it! Except to ask, what's the most glamorous aspect of your job? And the least? What would your ideal job be?


    1. I work in the exams department of a global accountancy body so my job isn't particularly glamorous at all. I suppose getting the occasional paid trip down to London to help out for the exams is the most glamorous it gets - staying in a hotel in Docklands with a lovely outdoors terrace bar, with fifty quid expenses a day, free drinks at the bar and freedom at nighttime is pretty cool. Although I've only got to go down there twice out of the four sessions I've been there. :( As for the least glamorous thing . . . there is so much that could go there, but I guess the stints we have to do supervising sorting the exam papers in a cold grimy warehouse pretty much fits in here!

      And jobs I would LIKE to do? Writer, obviously? Or did you ever belong to that book club Mango? I used to covet the editor's job, reading and writing about chick lit for a living? wow.

      Otherwise I think I'd maybe like YOUR job. It sounds awesome!

      Apologies for the long comment!

    2. I'm glad the day job is going well!

      I like John Grisham. The Rainmaker was the first adult novel I ever read. I was so proud of myself. I only enjoy his law books, though. The regular fiction novels haven't been as good.

    3. I've read all but two of those books and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing...

      Regarding my new blog; I'm not going to be hiding the URL or making it private but I was hoping to keep it completely separate from Papercuts, as a sort of fresh start. Should I email you or just starting commenting under my new blog name perhaps? :D

      Well done on not drooling too much over rpattz by the way. I'm not sure I'd display such restraint! ;)

    4. I'm a Customer Service Representative - my desk looks like a rainforst threw up paper on it! There are just so many pieces of paper! lol

    5. @ Paula - I didn't belong to Mango, but that does sound like a sweet little number!! Writer in the chick-lit capacity is obviously my *ideal* job, but yeah ... my job is pretty fabbity! And as for you wanting to be a writer, have you started your course yet? Huh?! :p :0)

      @ Ashley - Thank you! I will have to check out some of Grisham's books, I think! :0)

      @ PC - OK, I'm going to guess - you've not read Parky's autobiography and the Alan Titchmarsh one?! Am I right?!

      As for rpattz, as I've only just started my job, I have to *try* and be good ... for a little while at least! ;p

      @ Han - My desk is *very* tidy ... for now!!

    6. My last comment under this name! I just had to let you know. Correct on the Parky book but the other one was the Grisham novel. Funny, I used to devour his books but now I can take them or leave them.

      Yes. I have read the Titchmarsh book. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing. LOL.

      Anyway...switching over to my other identity now. ;)

    7. I think it's good that someone nevertheless read in train;) even if it's mostly crime fiction=0 I don't like it at all, but around me is even a badly situation: my friends don't read at all! They prefere to watch reality shows on tv and read fashion magazines...=(((
      Ehm...most glamurous aspect of my work/studings: I guess, my outfits;) of course when I bother what I put on, because in winter I prefer just simple warm sweaters and huge scarf!=P

    8. @ Zuki - Wow - your friends don't read?! :O People *SHOULD* read - what is with that?!

      Ah, of course, the outfits!!! Recalling from your blog, you have some pretty fabbity ones! :0)

    9. friends don't read at all...and it scares me:0 But here were I live, I met only few persons who really do it!:0 Terrible and scary tendency:( But I'm glad, that my family members read:)))
      p.s. thanks for compliment!;)