Any book collectors out there?

Does anyone have a serious passion for collecting first editions or other collectible books? I'm in no way a collector, but I do have a few first edition Famous Five books and ditto for Roald Dahl books (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator and Danny, the Champion of the World) in my possession.

For the record, they are far from pristine and do get read. I love books too much to care for their monetary worth - it's all about their personal value to me. How about everyone else? And if you did have an expensive book in your possession, would you cash in with it, or keep it?


  1. I adore antique books, especially first editions. It's an odd sort of reverence thing for me, I think. I hate seeing them wasting away in thrift stores, so I grab them and keep them in a curio cabinet at home. The ones I have are readable but fragile, so they don't get too much handling once I get them home. Some day when I have my custom-built library in my custom-built mansion (I can dream, right?), they'll get more usage since they won't have to leave the library to be read. ;-)

  2. I think it would depend. If it just sat on my shelf collecting dust I would be tempted to cash it in so that someone who appreciate it had it for their use i guess.

    I have a bit of a collection of books but no first editions.

    CJ keeps talking about doing our own Grand design - I keep saying that I want a library with really comfy bean bags that you can curl up in.

  3. I do love going into antique books but never actually buy any. (the shopkeepers must hate me!) If it turns out I did have a very valuable book in my posession, I'd probably get someone more careful to keep hold of it for me.

    I have a lot of signed books but they're all personalised - so won't be of any value to anyone but me!

  4. Hi Elle,

    I don't have any antique or first edition books in my possession, although I think that such bookcollecting would be a fascinating hobby. If I did have any, I think I would read them, even if they were worth a lot, because, well, that's what they're for, isn't it?

    Having said that, if I did own any, I would probably cash in. Although I love that sort of thing, I'm a working class girl, and at the end of the day, I have to eat!

  5. I have some Famous Five first editions too! I do feel incredibly happy if I find a first edition of a book I love in a garage sale or something- it does make it more special. But I agree it's the personal meaning that matters- I have totally worthless books that mean more to me as well.

  6. If I had a first edition everything, I'd probably sell it. It's definitely more what's inside the book that counts with me!

  7. I just posted about how much a adore Roald Dahl! I've got every single one of his books--not first editions though.

  8. Yes, I admit to collecting. I've got quite a few older first editions...not in the best shape but I love them because they're firsts and well-read. I also keep all of my inscribed-by-the-author books, mostly for sentimetal reasons. I figure if an author is nice enough to personally address me, I need to hang on to the book.

  9. @ ditty - I'm with you on the personal library! ;) And I can understand your "recusing" line of thought. Fortunately (for my bank balance), I've never felt the urge to rescue - some of the rare books can be very pricey!

    @ Hannah - Another person who wants their own library. Awesome! :D

    @ j+h - Thanks for stopping by! And you're allowed to browse shops! That's interesting you are a signed book fan - I'll be asking about that next week.

    @ Amy - I definitely agree books are there to be read! It's like people who save new clothes for best - they are bought to be WORN! So, books should be read! :0)

    @ Daisy - Yey!! FF First editions! :D I'm so glad you're such a Blyton fan! :D

    I have totally worthless books that mean more to me as well.

    Ditto - it's also about personal value and memories with books, regardless of their print number.

    @ Paula - Content is key! :0)

    @ Can I just say ... - Dahl is brilliant. I don't have all of his books though - I really should rectify that!

    @ Michele - I would rather see a well-loved (read) First Edition, than a pristine, alien one. Books are *meant* to be read! Thanks for stopping by! :0)