Lisbon: River Tagus sunset cruise

Taking a cruise down the River Tagus is something I'd highly recommend you do if you ever find yourself in Lisbon. (Though it might depend on the time of year you are visiting!) There are plenty of companies that offer this sort of trip, but the idea of a vintage sailboat and reviews mentioning lots of free-flowing wine sold this one to me!

Our cruise worked out at £27.55 each, and then we paid an additional £1.05 each to change our booking from Thursday evening to Monday as the weather forecast suddenly looked abysmal on Thursday. Travelling in COVID-19 times (September 2020), I appreciated the flexibility of changing things on the day, though am sure the other customers on our trip were disappointed we switched - if we hadn't, they'd have had the boat to themselves!

We met at 17.15, right by the marina next to the Monument to the Discoveries in Belem, to set sail promptly at 17.30. The trip was billed for two hours, but it was edging closer to 20.00 by the time we got back to the marina. It was lovely that our experience wasn't "on the clock" and we were made to feel more like friends than paying customers.

Leaving the marina, we headed down to Belem Tower, before turning around, back past the Monument to the Discoveries and to MAAT - all talked about in my Belem post, so I won't share anything here about these places. I will share about the Ponte 25 de April, which looks like San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge, and looms over the River Tagus. We didn't, but if you're very lucky you might just spot a pod of dolphins swimming around the bridge.

I know about the dolphins because our lovely guide (whose name I've now forgotten as this was three months ago) shared tidbits along the way, whilst replenishing our wine glasses and ensuring we had enough nibbles (charcuterie and bread). Our next sights were Cais das Colunas/Praca do Comercio/Arco da Rua Augusta - a late 18th century quay/ huge public square/ornate arch, respectively - before we turned around at Alfama to head down the non-Lisbon side of the river.

On the other side of the 25th April bridge, you'll spot Santuário de Cristo Rei, the rather tall and imposing Sanctuary of Christ the King which is based on Rio's Christ the Redeemer. Like with the bridge, there's a viewing platform in the statue so you can stare back at Lisbon from Almada. This area in Almada is a great spot to see the sunset over Lisbon as well, but we continued down the river to see ours.

Wasn't sunset quite something? Definitely a very enjoyable evening spent on Lisbon's River Tagus. x

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