Coronavirus diary: Week 34

Monday 2 November
Another week, another lockdown. Though we have got until 1 minute past midnight on Thursday before the merry-go-round begins again.

Tuesday 3 November
Popped to the office today for the first time in 7.5 months to pick up my things - mainly books, my tea collection and a cardigan. Was barely there for it feel to odd although it was strange, I guess, that only three people got off the train with me instead of the usual masses.

Met Jasmin off the train for a lunchtime walk, then headed back home to work, work, work.  

Wednesday 4 November
Woke up at 2am with an upset tummy. Joy. Though didn't wake up when the alarm went off to Donald Trump as President again... Verdict still out on that one.

Went to the library at lunchtime to return/pick up my books and came back to a dead Tamagotchi. It made it to the grand old age of ten. LOL.

But, the most important thing today, it's Olly's birthday! We celebrated in the evening with pizza... his was yum, I ended up ordering Byron as mine arrived covered in cheese, despite me ticking the NO CHEESE box. Grumble, grumble. That was my belly as I finally got to eat dinner at 10pm.

Thursday 5 November
Remember, remember, lockdown November... Face masks, hand sanitiser and birthday cake! I bought Olly a peanut butter and jelly cake from Lola's Cupcakes, which was delivered on his birthday, but we didn't eat any since I had dinner so late. Had some today: DELICIOUS!

Finished watching season 2 of The Boys in the evening, followed by CNN to see what's going on with the US election. Verdict still out! 

Friday 6 November
Still waiting...

Saturday 7 November
Finally. Finally! President-elect Joe Biden. Finally!!

Sunday 8 November
Another lazy weekend with lots of reading and yummy food. Started watching Succession. Seemed fitting.

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