Coronavirus diary: Weeks 11 and 12

Monday 25 May
Hurrah for bank holidays, which made it a four-day weekend for me.

Had our first Nonna Tonda order delivered - a beautiful Venetian duck ragu with pappardelle - and managed to order another bike... will I actually get this one!?

Also used our bake at home Bread Ahead cookie dough. Amazing!

Tuesday 26 May
We made an incredible beef rendang with leftover brisket (recipe from Save with Jamie) and some homemade chapatis tonight. So delicious.

Our flights to/from Ireland next month were finally cancelled (though they have tried to book us on to another flight landing at an airport 260 miles from where we needed to be. LOL. Refund please!).

Wednesday 27 May
Watched A Streetcar Named Desire in the evening... not my cup of tea, though the use of the set was cool.

Thursday 28 May
Used up some leftover salted caramel buttercream from a cake we made last week and made some cupcakes. Yum!

Friday 29 May
Had my first Freddies Flowers delivery today, which are beautiful. Used a code which meant they were free, too - hurrah! You can cancel if you don't like them, but I think I'll be having a bouquet as a monthly treat. Use clairef955 if you fancy a free bouquet.

This evening I met Jasmin and we had a socially-distanced wine on the Common - lovely to see her! She's the first person I've spoken to face-to-face, other than Olly, in eleven weeks!

Saturday 30 May
Some of Olly's family visited us today - more people! Wandsworth Common was RAMMED though.

Made midnight chicken from the Midnight Chicken cookbook for lunch. EPIC.

Also had another delivery from Buzzing Bee Baked Things: pizza dough, chocolate sourdough, an apple pie cookie for Olly and a chocolate and mini pretzels oat cookie for me.

Watched Hairspray Live! with homemade pizza - an excellent Saturday evening (but I do miss going to the cinema on Saturdays!). Spotted the ISS from our bedroom window - oooh!

Sunday 31 May
Lazy Sunday which started with the chocolate sourdough from Buzzing Bee Baked Things for breakfast. Yassssss!

Spotted the ISS again - more impressive as it wasn't fully dark when it passed!

Monday 1 June
Nonna Tonda day! Tasty shin of beef ragu with tagliatelle but I preferred last week's Venetian duck ragu.

Tuesday 2 June

OMG. Had Pizza in the Post delivered (from Pizza Pilgrims). INCREDIBLE. Best pizza I've had this year. Highly recommend getting a kit from them.

Wednesday 3 June
Did my roots myself today... LOL. Now I remember why I go to the hairdressers.

Thursday 4 June
Very busy at work today.

Friday 5 June
Another busy work day.

Saturday 6 June
Such miserable weather, including hailstone and a thunderstorm, meant a lazy day at home.

Sunday 7 June
Had Franco Manca for dinner - tasty but pizza has now been ruined following Pizza in the Post earlier in the week.

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