Coronavirus diary: Week 3

Monday 30 March
Woke up feeling tired and got more and more exhausted as the day progressed. So that was fun.

Ocado day. Yey! No white bread flour delivered. Boo! But, we do have wholegrain spelt flour so we started our sourdough culture. It's called Julian. Apparently you should name them.

Watched The Princess Diaries 2 (dire, and I remember now why I've never watched it before - because they wrote out Michael, obviously), then had a very early night.

Tuesday 31 March
Super exhausted today with a bad headache and a bit of a temperature so I didn't work. Feel super warm, apart from my feet which feel like blocks of ice. Spent the day napping.

In good news, am no longer waking up with hip/back pain (still no smell/taste, though).

Wednesday 1 April
Feeling a bit better but far from 100% so spent the day resting/napping again. Is this coronavirus? I will say, if it is, I have felt a lot iller on previous occasions from flu/bronchitis - lack of smell/taste aside, this just feels like extreme jet lag dialled up to the max. Lucky to have it so mild.

Finished off watching Tiger King. Say whaaaaat? Netflix slay at these "true crime" documentaries.  

Thursday 2 April
Eased myself back in to work today - not much to report, but still feeling tired. (And still no smell/taste.)

Friday 3 April
Realised today that I won't be working next Friday because it's Good Friday - Easter is going to be very different this year, but always happy to have a long weekend. 

Watched One Man, Two Guvners (available until Thursday), followed by Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (not on YouTube now as it disappears after 48 hours, but it is available on UK Netflix). So happy to get my theatre fix this way, but sad about the shows I've got booked that, obviously, aren't going to happen now.

Saturday 4 April
My sense of smell came back very weakly today - realised because I could smell Compy's litter tray... We'll leave it there. In celebration we went for a walk - my first time out in ten days.

Sunday 5 April
Sense of smell and taste fully back today so celebrated with Dip & Flip. Tasted absolutely incredible.

Went for another walk today as it was so sunny - happy Sunday!

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