Zoo Nights, ZSL London Zoo

It's the second time we've been to ZSL London Zoo's Zoo Nights, which has been called a few different things over the years (Sunset Safari on our 2015 visit). This zoo is a special place for Olly and I since that's where we had our first date, plus my first Christmas present from him was that he adopted Ellish, one of the giraffes, for a year (that visit here).

Not much has changed in terms of the format - animals, talks, street food, quizzes - though in 2015 tickets cost £32 and children were allowed in; this year tickets cost £17.50 and children are not allowed in. Like when I blogged about our trip to Sunset Safari in 2015, we went right at the end of the evenings happening. If you want to go, you only have one more Friday to visit (July 14th) - if not, you'll be waiting until 2018!

One thing new to us was the Land of Lions (though the section actually opened in 2016), which you can tell was designed with Instagram in mind (see below). It's worth having a good poke around as the area is designed wonderfully. Another thing new for us was the spider walk-through in the B.U.G.S section. This section opened in 2015, but we missed it when we were there for Sunset Safari. Olly was not a fan!

Zoo Nights runs from 6pm through to 10pm, with most of the animals going to bed around 9pm, though the Reptile House and B.U.G.S do stay open until 9.30pm. Get there at 6pm, if you can, to tick off your favourites, then head for food. (Not all animals may be available to see - the gorillas section was closed, for example, because the baby gorillas were asleep.)

The best street food we had this year came from The Rolling Duck - super delicious rolls, and super tasty chips - and the street food stalls roughly price their dishes between £6 and £8. Zoo Nights is definitely a fun night, and one I'm sure we'll do again another year.


London Zoo, Regent's Park, London, NW1 4RY
Adult tickets to Zoo Nights cost £17.50 in 2017. Buy tickets.

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