The month that was: February 2016

What happened:
We moved - hurrah! I don't have much to report because the move swallowed up so much time (and money), but I love our new area, and I love our new home. We're split-level, so we're over three floors, and I love living in such a leafy part of London. I bought an awesome dresser to go in the kitchen, and I love our two gorgeous original cast iron Victorian fireplaces. Compy has settled in well, too!

We headed over to Chiswick and went to the Magic Lantern Festival. It was ridiculously cold, but definitely worth seeing, and it's on until March 6th. More photos here.

Finally, we went to a house party in Dalston, spent one of the weekends in Kent, and did our first two runs (I'm not as unfit as I thought; probably a bad thing!). I also did a lot of work on Found; I'll be passing the manuscript on to my editor at the end of March. Yey!

What I ate:
We met friends for dinner at Tao Tao Ju in Chinatown, I had dinner at Pho twice, and we did our first spot of entertaining. (I made this awesome chicken and bacon pie, which is a firm favourite.) I can't wait to try out some new recipes in March now I don't have a commute to do.

What I watched:
Very little! We had no internet for most of the month - not ideal when you rely on it to stream TV and movies - but we started watching Jessica Jones once we got it back, and I also caught up with Pretty Little Liars. I'll still watch it - of course I will - but I am finding PLL a bit tedious.

Film-wise we signed up to Cineworld's Unlimited Card, though we've not used it yet. I had one of these cards for six years; when we moved to Brixton we were no longer near a Cineworld so I cancelled it. The only film I can really remember catching in February was Morning Glory.

What I read:
In February I read ten books. My favourite was An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield.

How was your month? x

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  1. PLL is a bit tedious at the moment but useful for playing in the background while it try and get other stuff done. I've been watching Madam Secretary and did a mass catch up on Scandal although I've missed a bunch of new episodes so don't quite understand what's going on.
    I wrote a lot of penpal letters as it was #incowrimo. I might have another client for work which is exciting although it seems to have stalled a bit.