Beauty: Glossybox UK April 2015 review

If you remember, towards the end of last year, I gave three beauty boxes a go: Glossybox, My Little Box and Birchbox. Well, because some of you signed up to Glossybox using my referral code - thank you! - I earned enough points to get a free box. After receiving April's box, I kind of wish I hadn't bothered!

One of the reasons why I stopped my beauty box subscriptions is that I was racking up a lot of products but, more so, I was racking up a lot of the same products. When I opened up April's Glossybox - great box design by the way - I couldn't help but groan spying yet another eyeliner and nail product. I think in every box I've received there's always an eyeliner and nail product... Like rabbits, is all I'm going to say!

April's Glossybox is a rather low-value box. Sure, they are mostly full-size products (or larger sample sizes), but they are cheap products. I'll be honest, I've not even used the POP Beauty eyeliner or the Color Club nail polish. (See above, like rabbits.)

As for the other products, the Lord & Berry lipstick pencil in shade "Kiss" made me look like a clown... (To be fair, for a lot of people this would be a great product to receive, but my lips are not my best feature - seriously - and because of that I just don't suit bright lipsticks/glosses that draw attention to them.)

The Astral face and body moisturiser has a really thick texture and clinical smell to it - no thank you - and the IDC scented garden country rose moisturiser had the opposite, a really watery texture, and it didn't smell nice either. It definitely didn't smell like roses. (I couldn't find a link for this brand or product any where, so even if I had loved it, I don't think I would actually have been able to buy it. Bizarre!)

All-in-all, this is the worst beauty box I've ever received. And, because of how the payment schedule worked out, I ended up paying for this box and not using my points to get this for free. Booooooo! I have a feeling that once I *do* get my free box this month, I won't be keeping my subscription rolling unless Glossybox knocks it out of the park. (And if I get another nail polish or eyeliner this month, I will scream!)

Are there any beauty boxes out there that you think are still worth subscribing to? Let me know! x

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