The month that was: March

2015 is galloping by, and I can't believe we're a quarter of the way through the year already! April is going to be an exciting month for me - not only is my third book, Lost, published on April 7th, but I'm in Morocco this month, celebrating my birthday. But, I need to tell you about March before that lot can happen!

What happened:
I finished off the final edits for Lost, and also revealed the cover. And then I went back to Notting Hill to do some more social media consulting work. That's about it! I sort of echoed February in that I explored the local area, but I also came down with a bad sore throat and cold whilst I was working - it was a stinker, much worse than last February's. (It's totally taking the Tube. People are gross. I can't tell you how many times I see people splutter and sneeze on the Tube and not cover their mouths. SO. GROSS.) Resting was key in March, especially as I had to prepare for the book tour and do last minute book tweaks when I wasn't in the office.

To fill the Serial hole in my life, I tried finding new podcasts to listen to in March and came across You Must Remember This. The podcast focuses on yesteryear in Hollywood; as an Audrey Hepburn fan, I loved Sex, Style and Sabrina. Narrator Karina Longworth also sounds a bit like Christina Ricci, I think! I also listened to some of the Criminal podcasts. Anyone have any other podcast recommendations for me?

What I ate:
Remember how I said the fridge freezer was fixed? Yeah, it broke again. (So annoying.) This time round a new one was bought instead of repairing it... here's hoping this one survives until we move!

I met my friend Isabelle and had a much-needed catch-up at Dirty Bones, which is halfway between Notting Hill Gate and High St. Kensington. Dirty Bones was a disappointment, to be honest, with really terrible service and so-so food. I will be back in April as their guest, however, to see if they can turn around my bad experience.

A really poor Nando's and Domino's also stuck in my mind in March, but so did some awesome chicken katsu currys from Wasabi. (Such a fan.) I also visited The Happenstance for dinner, which was OK. I'm not having much luck with restaurants recently! The service was quite slow, though the staff were lovely, and the food we ate was average. I love its name though!

At home, I baked an epic Maltesers cake, a ridiculously chocolatey cake. If you make it, invite a big crowd around as even the most hard-core chocolate fan will never be able to finish it off! We also made delicious pizza - we use this recipe for the base and load with our favourite toppings - and also this curry. That's my favourite go-to curry; it never disappoints!

We served up Jamie Oliver's awesome Empire roast chicken for one Sunday lunch - add some spinach to the potatoes to make it even more Indian, and to include some vegetables with your roast - and I made paratha bread to soak up the gravy. Delicious!

What I watched:
We raced through all three seasons of House of Cards (US version), and this time round I loved it. I say this time round because we watched the first season two years ago... after a few episodes I gave up whilst Olly watched on. I have no idea why I hated it then, but I'm glad I gave it another go. Frank and Claire Underwood, what devious characters!

I also finished the fifth season of Pretty Little Liars, and only have two more episodes of Better Call Saul to watch. Hurry up season six, and season two, respectively, though Pretty Little Liars is getting a bit *too* ridiculous, if you ask me. Still, I'll be watching season 6 in June, desperate to work out who Charles is! (Jason's twin, right? It has to be!)

Movie-wise, I enjoyed The Maze Runner and The Imitation Game. I also watched The Longest Week, which tried too hard to be a Woody Allen film, and half-watched 300: Rise of an Empire. That wasn't my cup of tea!

What I read:
I read The Martian by Andy Weir, which is an awesome book - I reckon it's going to be one of my favourite books of the year. I tried to read The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton for the 2015 Classics Challenge but gave up on it; my book for March is Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. It's been twenty years since it was first published, can you believe!

I also tried to clear some of the back catalogue of chick lit books I have on my Kindle - I don't like reading my genre when I'm working on a book - and I really enjoyed Prada and Prejudice by Katie Oliver, Conditional Love by Cathy Bramley, Letters From My Sister by Alice Peterson and Tied up with Love by Amelia Thorne. All-in-all, I read 15 books in March, and I discarded a further three. Life is too short to read bad books!

How was your month? x

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