Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall

I've never been to the Royal Albert Hall. Well, of course I've walked past it, but I've never actually been inside it. At the weekend that changed when I went to see the last show of Cirque du Soleil's Quidam with Olly and my best friend who was visiting us from Milan. (It's heading to Belgium from London and will be in Brussels from February 27th.)

The Royal Albert Hall dates from 1871 and was commissioned by Queen Victoria. The Albert in question was, of course, her beloved husband, and there's also a memorial to him opposite the Hall. It's all pretty impressive looking. Speaking of impressive and another first, this was the first time I'd ever watched Cirque du Soleil.

Now, Cirque du Soleil are the incredibly amazing circus act but they are so much more than a mere circus (and there's not an animal in sight). They make their acts look effortless, or make you ponder how they do that - sometimes they do both!

The banquine was my absolute favourite act, which involved fifteen of the troupe doing the most incredible acrobatics. I wasn't so sure about the plot of Quidam - it was somewhat bizarre at times - but the show was certainly spectacular and the live music was dramatic, often haunting, and always outstanding. (You can have a listen here.)

I'd definitely go and see another Cirque du Soleil show as reviews suggest that Quidam isn't as strong as the others; The Beatles LOVE is one I've wanted to see for a long time. Seriously, just watch the trailer and see for yourself. Now, I just need a reason to go to Las Vegas...

Have you seen Cirque du Soleil? x

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