Musical review: Viva Forever

When it was announced last week that the Spice Girls musical Viva Forever would be closing down, I knew I had to see it whilst I still had the chance. See, it's written by bloody Jennifer Saunders of all people - Absolutely Fabulous is one of my favourite shows, ever - and is produced by Judy Craymer of Mamma Mia fame. In theory it had to be good... right? Right!?

The fact that it was closing after less than six months at the Piccadilly Theatre, speaks volumes, and I knew that deep down inside it wasn't going to be amazing. It really wasn't.

The plot is weak, the characterisation hideously wooden and it's all just a bit cringe-worthy. The characters seemed to be channelling Patsy and Eddie from Ab Fab, with a bit of Catherine Tate thrown in for good measure.

Act I was shockingly bad, which made Act II seem quite good, but only in comparison. Half the songs I didn't know, they ruined the ones I did and, it might be just me, but for a Spice Girls musical it seems somewhat cheating to include a solo single from Geri Halliwell when she quit the group. 

It's booking until June 29th. Let's hope that unlike Thriller Live - which was cancelled, then Michael Jackson died and sales went through the roof - that it actually does close. Still, if you do decide to go, they will likely upgrade your tickets. We bought the cheapest tickets and ended up sitting in the stalls, five rows from the stage, because it was woefully empty in the stalls.

Have you seen Viva Forever, or will you be going before it closes? x

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