The first year of forever

On June 16th last year something started. Which was somewhat surprising as I had sworn off men the previous week, but it just goes to show that when this is it, this is it. I stood waiting outside The 39 Steps and my first words uttered were a somewhat childish sing-song of: "Ollllllllllllly. You're late!" Possibly with a little stamp of the foot. Ever the grown-up.

Now, to clarify, we weren't even on a date, just meeting as friends to go and see Senna -  a brilliant but sad documentary - though Olly thought otherwise... Not about Senna, about the date. He thought we were on a date.

This is probably why he was on his best and most charming behaviour - not that he's not this anyway - and because I was most definitely not on a date - sworn off men, remember? - I could be relaxed and faintly ridiculous if I felt like it. Basically, I could be me because I didn't have to try and impress him and be in that awful date mode where you are trying to be a perfect person... one you most definitely are not.

He asked if I wanted to go for a drink after the film, and I confused him. Aware that he was still commuting in from Kent which took forever, I didn't want to delay his journey home. So I umm'd and aaaah'd, and he thought I wasn't interested in him because of this, but we finally made it to a pub off Regent Street. We drank Sol, we chatted, and when we said goodbye at Piccadilly Circus, I felt somewhat sad that the night was over.

I am a little silly sometimes so when he suggested we should hang out again, I said yes. It didn't twig until I had thought about it a bit more that he was asking me out on a date. Definitely an *actual* one this time.

On Saturday 25th June we went to London Zoo, hung out in Regent's Park, and then went for dinner and drinks at Paramount at Centre Point... Last week we went back to Paramount for nibbles and drinks, which brought back a flood of giddy memories, before we headed round the corner to see We Will Rock You. I think that can mean only one thing - that our "official" first date went very well.

We officially celebrated at Le Gavroche last Friday night, and I won't mind one bit if we celebrate there every year. I'll be blogging more about there another time, but it was INCREDIBLE. Michel Roux Junior was there, and the food wasn't too shabby either!

In all seriousness though, this past year has been amazing - full of love, laughter and amazing adventures. It really has been the first year of forever and I can't wait to see not only what the next year brings us, but the next five years, ten years, and the rest of our lives. Here's to forever. xxxxx

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