Budapest, Day 1

I've just got back from Budapest, where I stayed at the amazingly located Alta Moda Fashion Hotel. It's situated just a few minutes walk away from St Stephen's Basilica, and about ten minutes away from Váci Street, Budapest's Oxford Street.

We had one of only ten Fashion Experience XL Rooms, though because the hotel only opened in May, we found (or didn't find, as the case was) a few things missing from the suite, including bedside lamp bulbs and the fireplace! But, the staff were very lovely and helpful and gave us a free breakfast as way of apology (definitely overpriced at €15 each, but fine for a freebie).

Our first day was a bit ruined as we had to get up at the crack of dawn to get to Heathrow and then our flight was delayed. By the time we got to the hotel it meant we'd pretty much spent the day travelling and waiting around.

Asking the concierge for a close-by, decent restaurant, they directed us to Nádor Borétterem, a traditional Hungarian restaurant with an extensive wine cellar. We didn't realise how close we were to St Stephen's and we have no idea why they sent us this way, other than to assume they have a 'friendly' connection with the restaurant. The food was OK and the interior nice enough, but it was definitely overpriced for what we had - a paprika pasta with chicken dish, and steak with the most ridiculously over-saturated garlic potatoes!

After our uneventful first day, at least we went to bed knowing that we still had plenty of time left to make the most of Budapest.

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