It's book competition time!

I'm giving away two brand new books in my first ever books giveaway! First-up is Sarah Dessen's The Truth About Forever, a YA book about teen Macy Queen:

On the outside, Macy Queen is cool and calm. On the inside, she's breaking. Silently struggling with her Dad's death, and spending the summer apart from her oh-so-perfect boyfriend, Macy is smiling her way through - she's 'fine'. It's only when she meets a group of new friends - and artistic, sexy Wes catches her eye - she realizes she can wear her heart on her sleeve sometimes. Because life doesn't stop when someone disappears - and even though she's lost so much, can Macy see what she has to gain?

The second give-away is Phillipa Ashley's Just Say Yes:

Lucy Gibson needs to get away. When her good-looking, popular boyfriend Nick Laurentis, winner of reality TV show Hot Shots, proposes to her on air she’s stunned – into silence. Every girl loves a romantic gesture, but she’s just not ready for that kind of commitment. With the press hounding her as the one who callously broke Nick’s heart, Lucy escapes her London flat to seek refuge in an isolated Cornwall cottage. But little does she realise that life down there will be far from uncomplicated...

Anyone can enter, wherever you are in the world, and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment stating which book you'd like to win (you can say you'd like to win both!). Make sure I have a way of contacting you if you do win (e-mail address, Twitter handle etc). The competition closes on January 31st. Good luck!


  1. I'd totally want the Truth About Forever, because I need to find more cool YA books for my kids.

  2. I would like to be entered in to win either of them, please.

    I think they'd both be good reading for me as I'm not very well read in either of those genres :)

  3. I'd like to win blog please Elle.

    You have my email and my twitter handle (@girltaristhan - incase you forgot lol)

  4. I've read the second one (and loved it) but not the first, so if you were to find it in your heart to let me win "The Truth About Forever" I would be very happy. :)

    And you have plenty of ways to contact me I'm sure...

  5. Your first giveaway! How exciting! May I ask how you got your hands on these books, and what made you think of doing a giveaway? Do you plan on doing this often?

    AND... I'd like to win "A Truth About Forever" because I am a YA junkie, and Macy's childhood sounds a lot like my own (except without the sexy boy).

  6. Oh, wow, that is a tough choice. I would love to win both of them.


  7. The Truth About Forever, please! :)

  8. Can you enter me for Sarah Dessen's, please. Everyone says her books are fab and I'd love to win it. is my email!

  9. I would love either of those books. They both sound really good!

    travelwithloveblog AT gmail DOT com

  10. Please can you enter me for a chance to win both books please

  11. I would love to win both books! The cover of the Sarah Dessen books is particularly gorgeous. (I own four copies of Pride and Prejudice, to of which I bought just because I liked the cover so much)

  12. Ooh I loved the Truth about Forever but I've already read it, so I'd love Just Say Yes!

  13. My answer is going to be based on a certain type of logic, as really I'd like both books please. But by my calculations, most people are after 'The Truth About Forever' as they've already read 'Just Say Yes'. I've read neither, so I'd like to win the latter, if possible.

    You'd be helping me with my NY resolution: to read more. Now, you don't want my resolve to go down the pan so early on in 2010, do you? Can you really bear that weight on your shoulders? Can you? ;)

    Natalie x

  14. I'm a book freak! So of course I want both!! You have my email/twitter/and facebook. So I'm thinking you are good. If not, let me know! This giveaway is awesome!

  15. I'm just really made up that anyone wants to win my book! Love P xxx

  16. I'd love to win either one or both! THANKS!
    Tweeted @fireicephotos

  17. Ooooo please enter me! Both books sound amazing, and both are getting added to my wishlist! I'll take either/or if I win!

    Thanks so much for hosting such a great first contest!


  18. Why I want them both, you ask?

    1.I love Sarah Dessen's books
    2. Never read anything by Philippa Ashley but sounds like my kind of book ;)
    3. They're books. YA books! (L)Need I say more?

    Thank you!

  19. I would like to be entered to win either of them. They both sound great.


  20. I'd like to win The Truth About Forever but they both sound really good.

    whatinabox at gmail dot com

  21. I haven't read either yet, so I'd love to be entered for both. Thank you for hosting this fun book giveaway! :)


  22. I'd honestly take either one if I won, but I think my first choice would be Just Say Yes.