Book Review: Decent Exposure

Decent Exposure by Phillipa Ashley is one of those amazing books that makes it into my favourite book pile, and Phillipa was lucky enough to win the Joan Hessayon NWS Award (2007) for it - richly deserved!

Emma Tremayne has left her high-powered PR job and moved to the Lake District. She was expecting to find some much-needed peace and quiet, not to end up cavorting on a hillside with a naked guy. Emma thinks she's being community-minded when she agrees to help the local mountain rescue team put together a 'tasteful' nude calendar in order to fundraise for their new headquarters. 

Unfortunately, quite a lot of the community seems to mind what she's up to. Including the extremely handsome Mr July, Will, who appears to have got completely the wrong impression about Emma's intentions. So how does she convince him that he's more than just Flavour of the Month...?

First-up, let me tell you about Mr July, aka Will. (If you see this Phillipa, please tell me he exists!) Will is pure man - 6 foot plus and bulky - with a tender side. He's a local business man, member of the local mountain rescue team, but unfortunately one who has the reputation of being a womaniser... he left his fiancée at the altar. Emma is the one who wants to make the naked calender to raise funds for the local mountain rescue team. She's a modern woman you can relate with.

One of the great things about Decent Exposure is you get to read both Emma *and* Will's perspective. This only makes the heart swell (even more) when you read they want each other - the chemistry/tension between Will and Emma is crackling hot - yet they *still* struggle to get together because of issues from their (romantic) pasts.

I won't spoil whether they get their happily ever* but I will say it's all oh-so-delicious and enjoyable with the will they/won't they, perfectly enhanced by the lush setting of the Lakes. This is romance how it should be written, and it's a brilliant feel-good read! 5/5 from me.


  1. Thank you f your kind words dear!
    You made my day ;)

  2. I loved this book - and all of Philippa Ashley's other books too!

  3. @ LENORENEVERMORE - No problem - I hope you're not giving up reading blogs, even if you're not posting yourself! :0)

    @ Paula - She is a fantastic writer! :0)

  4. It sounds like just the kind of book i'd love to read....but when I read books like this, I always get annoyed at The Boy for not being like the guy!! Oops

  5. I know - it's the only downside to fictional men, they put the real ones to shame! :p

  6. I have just spotted this, Elle and Thank you, thank you for enjoying Decent Exposure. Being happily coupled up to my lovely bloke for the past 25 years I can't complain about love...

    all I'll say is I did visit a mountain rescue base for research purposes. Lots of 'heroic' self deprecating, brave guys ... but er, no one who measured up, quite, to Will. :)

    Good luck with your writing.

  7. Aww, that's a shame! :'( Tee hee! It sadly seems real-life men will never measure up to fictional delights (and that's a good thing - perfect men, yikes!)!

    And thank you!