Disneyland Paris: Fantasyland

You may think Fantasyland is just for children, but you'd be wrong. OK, the rides aren't the fastest or the steepest or the scariest in this land, but they are still a lot of fun - whatever your age is!

Walk through the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle to get into Fantasyland, but have a nosey around whilst you're there. You can head under the castle, but don't wake the dragon! (My youngest nephew was thoroughly fed-up of photos by the last day when the above photo was taken!)

The first ride we went on in the park was Dumbo's Flying Elephant, which I reckon is a firm favourite of anyone who has ever been to Disneyland. There's often a big queue though for it - if you don't have Magic Hours, we found the queue was super short just before Fantasyland closes for the evening. (It shuts an hour before the other lands so they can set Disney Dreams up.)

Speaking of Dumbo, there's the Casey Jr. Circus Train which really young children will enjoy, right by the Storybook Land Canal Boats - whether you opt for the train, a boat, or both, both rides take you through miniature scenes from well-known fairy tales.

If you prefer your boat scenery to be a little bigger, and accompanied by the world's catchiest tune, then you want to take a ride on It's a Small World.

Sure, some people say it's creepy - they'd be wrong - but I bet by the end of the ride you'll be singing along and wanting to go on it again. I know we definitely did!

The Mad Hatter's Tea Cups is another fun ride, and you also have the carousel in Fantasyland and three little rides that take you through the stories of Pinocchio, Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty.

Speaking of the Mad Hatter, don't discount the maze as being a mere maze. This is an Alice in Wonderland maze, which is so much better. Split into two parts, your goal is to reach the Queen of Hearts' Castle.

Your reward? An awesome view of the park. You can see, pretty much, the entire park from the top of the castle, as well as the taller rides in the Walt Disney Studios park. I'll tell you all about the Studios next time though! x

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