Marley Spoon

I've been meaning to try Marley Spoon for a while, which is a food subscription box like Gousto and Hello Fresh where you get sent all the ingredients to cook your dinners. Like I did with those two I used the introductory offer to get my box for £19 for three meals (for two people). I wouldn't, to be honest, pay full price for a box (ditto for Gousto and Hello Fresh), but it was worth doing at the introductory price.

The first dish I cooked from my brown paper bag was the chicken and kaffir lime curry with green beans and brown rice. It was straight-forward enough, and tasted nice enough, though I make better Thai curries from scratch so I wouldn't cook this recipe again. There was nothing wrong with it all but, like I said, I have better recipes in my repertoire that I already do.

My favourite dish was the roasted carrots and broccoli with farro and honey-miso vinaigrette - yes, surprisingly, a vegetarian dish! We both really enjoyed the flavours and textures of this dish, and a veggie recipe isn't something we'd automatically think to do so it was great doing something different. One of the main reasons I like doing these boxes is to learn new dishes/use ingredients that I wouldn't normally do/consider, so this dish ticked that box.

Finally, the Italian-American meatballs with tomato sauce and spaghetti dish was, again, nice enough, but I have a better spaghetti and meatballs recipe that I already use. I also struggled with making the meatballs as the recipe didn't include egg, so there wasn't anything to bind the meatballs together and they started to fall apart when I cooked them.

If you're a bit of a rookie in the kitchen or don't have the time to research and cook meals then subscription boxes like Marley Spoon are a great idea to get you cooking from scratch using fresh ingredients. If you're a reasonable cook, however, you'll probably find like I did that it's OK to order a box once in a blue moon, but you wouldn't order one weekly.

Have you tried subscription food boxes like Marley Spoon? x

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