Beauty: My Little Box December 2014

It's the fourth month of My Little Box in the UK, and this month it's My Little Box by Fleur De Force, who is a beauty and fashion blogger.

As always, there's a motivational print and the My Little World magazine included in the box. I'm still not convinced by the magazine, plus the constant misspelling of Shoreditch (Soreditch) in this month's magazine really bugged me - I don't think me and the magazine will ever get on, but that's OK. 

In the box this month I also found masking tape, string and gift tags, which is a nice idea in principle, but I'm already sorted in that department with my presents all wrapped and tagged! The present this month was a black knitted sparkly headband, which is something I can use for once, and I'm wearing it as I type this. I'm very glad I got the colour I did, and I can see me wearing it a lot this winter. 

Beauty-wise, there are three products in the box this month. First up is a gorgeous smelling body lotion from Cowshed. Their "Wild Cow" body lotion smells of lemongrass, ginger and rosemary - three smells I really love - and uses shea and cocoa butter to moisturise the skin. I'm a big fan of this product, and it gave me an opportunity to try out a Cowshed product as I've only ever had a treatment with them before.

Next up, is the My Little Beauty product, and this month it's a red lipstick. Although it looks very red, I struggled to get that colour on my lips. Maybe I need to apply it several times? I also found the packaging to be quite cheap, so I wasn't as enamoured by this product.

Finally, Precious Cream by L’OCCITANE is the final product in this month's My Little Box. I've not tried this product yet because I've been sent so many facial products via beauty boxes, as well as having the usual products I use - I don't want to crack open another one just yet. I've heard really good things about this cream though, and L’OCCITANE do usually deliver so I'm pleased I received this cream.

All-in-all, I liked this month's beauty products and headband, but wasn't so keen on the Christmas stuff and the magazine. I didn't really get the collaboration with Fleur De Force either as the French box was the same, yet was collaborated with a different person...

Despite liking the box, I've decided that this will be my last My Little Box for a while. The novelty is starting to wear off, plus I have a huge bag of products I should really use up from the past four months of subscribing to various beauty boxes. I probably have enough facial products to last me until Christmas 2015!

A subscription to My Little Box costs £14.95 a month, which includes P&P, and you can cancel at any time. Are you a fan? x

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