TBT: Secret Cinema's Back to the Future

With going on our Italian Adventure a few days after Secret Cinema's Back to the Future, I never got the chance to share my thoughts on the evening.

Originally, we had tickets booked for Saturday 26th July, the third night of Back to the Future... because of the delays in opening the show, we ended up going to the penultimate show on Saturday 30th August. The date change soured things for me and I went from being super excited to feeling meh about the whole thing.

Whilst I was impressed with the set-up of Hill Valley and how the real life elements interacted seamlessly with the film on the big screen, other parts of the experience could have been a lot better. Cameras and phones were banned, but there was the promise of disposable cameras and professional photographers to take your photo... Except the disposable cameras were sold out, and we didn't see one professional photographer, so had to make do with a sneaky snap on Olly's phone.

I spent quite a bit of money on my outfit and getting my hair done (fallen out completely in the photo above - I wasn't impressed with Hersheons either), and it would have been nice to have a proper photo memento. Like I said above, there were parts of the experience that were super impressive and fun, but there was something not quite right overall that would make me think twice about going to another Secret Cinema production, especially at a cost of £55.65 per person! For that price, I expect something a bit more slick and professional on the operations side, even if everything else delivers.

Did you go to Secret Cinema's Back to the Future? x

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