City of London

My day job has moved offices to the City of London, to Fleet Street in fact. This is a part of London I've never worked in before but after my first full week there I think I'm going to like the area.

The City of London is the perfect blend of old meets new - round every corner there's some awesome juxtaposition of modern and historical, as well as some hidden tourist gems.

We stumbled across Roman Baths the other day. Yes, actual Roman Baths that you can still see today. In fact, this is where Dickens' David Copperfield (fictionally) took some cold plunges. How awesome is that?

I know I'm going to have fun exploring the City - it's definitely going to feature as a prominent location in a book - but I'm also looking forward to something else that working in a new location brings... yes, that's right, the food.

OK, it's just a stone throw away from the borders of the City of London, but Blackfoot in Exmouth Market is a place I'm glad I went to. I ordered their crispy and aromatic ribs which were mouth-watering beautiful. Seriously fabulous ribs. I can't wait to explore (and eat) around here some more!

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