Ireland: Guinness Storehouse

Last month I ended up at the Guinness Storehouse twice - the first time on Olly's 30th birthday, and the second time a few weeks later on his sister's hen do. It's safe to say that I am all Guinnessed out for the year! The Guinness Storehouse is one of the most popular tourist attractions there is in Dublin and if you are a fan of the black stuff (though it's actually a dark ruby red in colour), then you will probably love this place! I'm not a fan of the drink but I still had an enjoyable visit (the first time; I had serious déjà vu the second time as you can imagine), although some people do dismiss the Storehouse as one giant advertisement for Guinness... surely people should realise that's the underlying point of it?

That aside, the Guinness Storehouse is set in a giant pint glass, about a fifteen to twenty minute walk from central Dublin, or it's one of the stops on the bus tour. The inside and history and production of Guinness is still pretty impressive, regardless of whether you think it's a tourist trap or not.

There are various levels to it - some of the information and displays are definitely more interesting than others - and you get shown how to properly taste a Guinness, as well as having a pint to enjoy. You have the choice of being taught how to pull the perfect pint, or you can have your pint on the top floor and enjoy a 360° view of Dublin.

Personally I'd go and enjoy the view! If you're not a fan of the stuff, you could always be generous and let someone else have your pint, or you can always get half a pint of Guinness and half a pint of a soft drink with your voucher. You should definitely have a try though as it's the freshest Guinness you'll ever taste; it tasted a lot nicer than the sips I've had before. (Although that doesn't mean I am in anyway converted and will be drinking Guinness from now on, let me just set the record straight here!)

The Guinness Storehouse costs €16.50 to get in at the door; if you book online you can save yourself 10% (and jump the queues - it was quiet on a Monday afternoon and quiet first thing on a Saturday morning, but when we came out Saturday afternoon there was a big queue outside). If you take the time and look at everything properly, you should hopefully enjoy yourself. At the very least, you'll find out a lot about Arthur Guinness who did a lot for the city of Dublin.You can also take a few silly photos as well!

Are you a Guinness drinker? x

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