Turkish cuisine

In Dalyan you'll find lots of yummy restaurants to eat in, plus there are a few further afield which are worth visiting - that's another reason to hire mopeds as I mentioned before, though some restaurants will pick you up and drop you off for free, so it's worth checking.

One restaurant worth visiting just outside Dalyan is Ley Ley which has Turkish entertainment and nesting storks, as well as its yummy food. (They'll pick you up and drop you off.) And since Dalyan means "fishing weir", then it's worth visiting one of the fish farms in the local area. We hopped on our mopeds and headed to one off the beaten track. Yuvarlak Cay is the one most tourists visit but we made our way to a local hotspot instead.

The local's trout farm is surrounded by trees - it's called something like Bilen Farm - and given the temperature in Dalyan in August is around 35°C at 9am, shooting to above 40°C before it's even lunchtime, it's the perfect spot to cool off and refuel. I'm never a fan of having to debone fish but the trout we had was probably one of the freshest fish I've ever eaten and we had a feast for about £6 each.

In Dalyan itself, there are plenty of restaurants to take your pick from, each one calling you with promises that there place has the best Turkish food you'll ever eat.

Meat is a big thing in Turkey, though as it is a Muslim country you won't find (much) pork on the menu. Meats served up in clay pots, on skewers and in stews are the must-try dishes, as well as the freshly-caught fish. Ali Baba, Okyanus, La Vie and Caretta Caretta were the best restaurants we went to but given we barely made a dent in the many restaurants there then I'm sure there are plenty more amazing ones! A main course will set you back £6-10.

Some of the restaurants on the river, which includes La Vie and Caretta Caretta, have an incredible view - they overlook the tombs of the Kings and Queens of Kaunos, which are beautifully lit up at night. For now I'll leave you with this picture of the tombs, but I'll be talking more about these and my trip to Kaunos next time! x

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