Historic Royal Palace: Hampton Court Palace

A few weeks back we went to Hampton Court Palace for a flying visit, the last Historic Royal Palace we had to visit (Banqueting House aside - we never made it there) before our annual membership ran out.

As we'd had a hectic and late Friday night with friends, followed by a late Saturday night because of The Killers at Wembley, we ended up spending less than two hours there. You definitely should spend longer there - probably all day, in fact.

Hampton Court Palace was originally owned by Cardinal Wolsey (before that it was home to an Order, so didn't have an owner, per se). Cardinal Wolsey should be a familiar name to anyone who knows their Tudor history (or watched The Tudors, or read Philippa Gregory), and he handed it over to Henry VIII. More recently it was the venue for the Road Cycling Time Trial during the London 2012 Olympics.

Impressive, isn't it? I'll post about the Maze and Gardens that are there another time! Have you been to Hampton Court Palace? x


  1. Thanks for the blog post! I'll be bringing my mom & sister here when they visit next week, and while I knew a little about Hampton Court Palace this post has definitely got me even more excited! (And seeing those pics - I know they're gonna love it.) x

  2. You will definitely love it! I just wish we'd spent more time there as there's so much history to absorb. Will have to go back at some point. :) x

  3. Are those statues on ceiling or a 3D painting? Great works.