Lake Lugano and Lake Como

After two days in Milan we decided on a change of scenery and took a road trip with my best friend out of the city. Milan is really close to the Switzerland so we headed over the border to the town of Lugano to grab some lunch. It's ridiculously pretty with the combination of the lake, the architecture and the mountains in the background.

After stuffing ourselves full of pizza at one of the restaurants at Piazza Riforma and having a mooch around the town, we headed back into Italy to visit Como - home of George Clooney - and another ridiculously pretty place. In summer both Lugano and Como are packed full of tourists but it's a bit calmer (and colder) in March.

One thing that is worth doing is getting a boat around Lake Como - you can get on and off and visit the various towns dotted around the lake or just stay on and enjoy the views.

You can just tell in summer that it would be truly breath-taking - we'll have to brave the crowds and return there one summer. After spending time on the Lake, we headed off for dinner. If you've had enough of Italian food, in-between Como and Milan there's a Mexican restaurant that's worth going to. Called Papo's, it made a welcome change to pasta and pizza!

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