Girls Aloud Ten Tour (and The Big Reunion)

Last week was a bit of a musical blast from the past for me. Not only did I go to The Big Reunion at the Hammersmith Apollo, I also went to see Girls Aloud at The O2 on their Ten Tour. Now, whilst I did remember to take my camera to Girls Aloud I forgot to take it to The Big Reunion which was silly as we were seven rows from the stage and I would have got some excellent shots. Take a look at Hayley's blog though as she took her camera!

I won't say much about The Big Reunion as the concert won't be aired until the end of March, but I'm hoping that we won't have made the edit and be shown on television singing along to Atomic Kitten's Whole Again - meep! Blue and Five were definitely my favourites of the night though. But, on to Girls Aloud who were fabulous, of course. A great night singing and dancing away, and I might have to incorporate some of their shimmy dance moves into my routines! ;) x


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