Latest Loves: 15.8.12

First up, it's hair chalking... Yes, I'm probably several years behind on this but I'll survive! I ordered my wax pastels online from Jackson's, but they have a shop in Dalston if you're in London (yes, I was too lazy to go to the shop) and, of course, there are arts and craft shops EVERYWHERE.

I ordered Rembrandt soft pastels in blue, turquoise, pink and purple shades, which cost £1.30 each. My pastels arrive on Friday so look out for updates on Twitter, pictures on Instagram and a blog post about how I fared... y'know, if it turns out awesomely, that is.

Next up, it's River Island's Instatee competition which is a great use of Instagram. Short version is, Instagram a picture that represents your perfect Saturday afternoon and the winner gets their tee sold in stores, their tee, and £200 to spend in store. Now, what photo to enter!

I absolutely adore my tan DKNY boots but know that they sadly won't last another season - booooo! It's a good job then that I've found these Hunter Balmoral Westerley boots. I can't wait to have these on my feet!

Finally, Hart of Dixie is my latest love TV show, even though I still keep thinking of Rachel Bilson as Summer from The O.C. I guess though that the more episodes that I watch, well, this thought should disappear.

What are your latest loves? Have you tried hair chalking? Will you be entering the Instatee competition and have you started thinking about your Autumn/Winter wardrobe? Let me know! x


  1. I love Hart of Dixie too. It's no Revenge, but it fills a hole... My fave tv show at the moment (although I've finished watching the series now) is Girls. Awesome stuff.

  2. I need to watch Revenge. Not heard of Girls but will check it out. :)