British summer

With going to India in February, this means I'm going to be having a British summer and will be playing tourist at home.

First on the list is the Tate Britain, which I've always neglected by going to the Tate Modern instead, but there's a Picasso exhibition on so it's about time I checked this one off my list! The exhibition is on until July and explores Picasso's legacy and influence on British art.

We'll hopefully be heading to Bath in June to go and the sights, as well as have some treatments at the Thermae Bath Spa. I've never been to Bath, but I hope to make a return to Brighton (right) where I have only been once before - I really do need to see more of the seaside town.

Another place I've been to many a time before - in fact, I lived there for four years - is St Andrews. I haven't been to Scotland since I graduated so that's five years without a visit and it's about time I made one! I won't be there for my Alumni Reunion Weekend unfortunately due to a diary clash but it'll still be lovely to see The Bubble and pay a trip to Edinburgh too when I head North to Scotland this summer.

It's The Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year, which makes it a perfectly apt year to visit the historic Royal Palaces. We went to Windsor Castle (pictured left) last year and will be returning to make the most of the fact that when you buy a ticket it's valid for a year, but I also want to visit Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace and The State Rooms at Buckingham Palace where they have a special Diamonds exhibition on this year. Last year I did get to go to Clarence House and Lancaster House for afternoon champagne, so maybe that should become my royal tradition when visiting royal households! {^_^}

Also on the cards for my British summer is The Roald Dahl Museum to sample some Bogtrotter cake, a trip to Greenwich - it's actually a World Heritage Site, who knew? - and of course a trip to London Zoo to see my giraffe Ellish. Olly adopted her for me for my Christmas present and we've not been to say hello yet so a visit is on the cards this summer. We actually went to the Zoo (and then to Paramount for dinner and a spectacular view of London) on our first date, so it's a place I LOVE. 

Do you have any suggestions on where else I should go this British summer? Do let me know! x


  1. How about punting in Cambridge and sitting on Murray Mound/Henman Hill to watch a tennis match? (And eat strawberries and cream!)

  2. I have been punting on the Cam before but I've not been to Murray Mound/Henman Hill so that's a possibility (and very British!). {^_^}

  3. If you haven't done it, at Windsor, pay the extra pound donation or whatever it is to go through the Gardens if they're open. My sister & did it on a whim (we were wary of upcharges, but decided we could spare a pound), and they were absolutely gorgeous. We were there in August 2010 & everything was still blooming, but I'd bet they're quite wonderful in spring, too.

    Also, on my December 2010, I visited the Wellcome Collection on recommendation from a friend (I don't think it was you, but apologies if it was & you already know this!), and it was pretty fascinating.

  4. No, I've never been to The Wellcome Collection so it wasn't me! Will have to check it out. :) I think the Gardens wee closed when we were there at Windsor so will have to make sure that when we go back they are open. :)