Latest Loves: 25.02.12

Current latest loves:

1. The Pretty Little Liars book series - I finally got round to reading the books by Sara Shepard and I love them!

2. The return of Upstairs Downstairs on the Beeb - hurrah!

3. I've never been one for gaming, but I can't resist Zynga's Dream Zoo at the moment. Addictive!

4. Finally, my Kindle is a big love of mine at the moment. I never thought I'd embrace ebooks - see this post from 2008 - but I have and I can't wait for my first book to be making an appearance on the Kindle store soon...

1 comment

  1. I have a kindle as well and never thought that I would surrender to one lol. Let me know when your book makes it to kindle and I will be first (or at least near the top) to download it.