Fruit scones recipe

I absolutely love scones (are you a skowns or skons person? I'm the former), so here's my yummy recipe:
  1. Get your oven heated to 220°C first, and grease a baking tray with butter. 
  2. Mix 235g self-raising flour with a pinch of salt and rub in 50g butter. 
  3. Stir in 25g caster sugar and 60g of currants and sultanas. 
  4. Beat an egg and add 1/4 pint milk, beating well. Add this to your mixture, keeping a little bit back for later on. 
    5. Dust your work surface with flour and place your mixture on your floury surface. Dust your hands and rolling pin too.
    6. Roll your mixture to 2cm thick; using a round cutter (a glass works if you don't have any), cut out your scones.
    7. Gather your scraps of mixture and repeat, as above, until you have used up all the mixture.
    8. Brush the tops with your remaining milky egg and bake in the oven for twelve minutes.
Voila! You'll have a yummy scone (or two) to enjoy with a nice cup of tea and whatever you fancy. I like to keep things simple and stick with butter, but I know some people are staunch jam supporters whilst others love a spot of cream. Whatever you have, enjoy!


  1. Skowns or skons? I'm the latter!

    Like the look of these, but I'd leave out the fruit myself. :-)

  2. Ah, I'm skowns! SKOWNS!!! :) x

  3. I think I'm the latter but I just asked Chris and he says skons - then again he's a northerner (well not really if you could Huntingdon that much further north than Bedford lol).

    Either way I don't care how it's said as long as it tastes good!