Musical Review: Shrek The Musical

I'm lucky. Incredibly lucky. Not only did I get to see a freebie of Jersey Boys last weekend, sitting in prime seats - was the second time for me seeing this one, but still incredible - well tonight I got to see a freebie of Shrek The Musical, a musical I've been excited about for MONTHS. Shrek marked my 9th visit to the theatre in 2011; my 12th visit since moving to London 9 months ago. Yes, I'm a West Endaholic.

The previews of Shrek opened on May 6th, with the show having its official launch next month. Now, I've been to previews before and found them to be bloody awful - see Thriller Live - but Shrek was truly a joy from start to finish, definitely taking the spot for my 2nd favourite musical (my heart still belongs to Mary Poppins). But, bearing in mind how many West End productions I've seen, the number 2 spot still means it's INCREDIBLE.

For me, Nigel Harman as Lord Farquaad absolutely *made* the show. You're supposed to hate the villain, but he was so brilliant, so deliciously dubious, that you couldn't help but fall in love with him. Not to mention that the role of Lord Farquaad requires the actor playing that part to be a little short, let's say - Harman executed this spectacularly which landed him the biggest cheers in the house when he was on stage.

Alongside Harman, Amanda Holden as Princess Fiona also got some pretty loud cheers. She was amazing, as was Nigel Lindsay as Shrek and Richard Blackwood as Donkey.  The entrance of Donkey was an entrance, I'll certainly say that!

It's a superb cast all round though, and this extends to the minor characters, with Jonathan Stewart nailing it as Pinocchio and the brilliant Landi Oshinowo as the voice of the dragon. The choreography, especially the numbers involving the fairy tale creatures, Lord Farquaad and the knights/workers of Duloc, as are there costumes. Simply breathtaking! I could go on and on and rave about this - the clever script, the brilliant jokes, the amazing use of set, such as the bridge to the Princess's tower - but I urge you all to go and see Shrek instead. You'll thank me for it. I know I certainly will be making another trip to Drury Lane to the Theatre Royal for this one. {^_^}

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  1. Haha this looks awesome! Ant x