Latest loves 09/03

First up, I searched and searched for a colourful picture to represent Love Never Dies to tie in with the other three images, but couldn't find one which is annoying as it ruins my image vibe!

Anyway, I'll start with Love Never Dies which I saw yesterday, making it my 5th trip to the theatre in 2011... so far. Oops. I saw it's prequel Phantom of the Opera way back in December 2002, which I loved - especially the set - Love Never Dies also has a fantastic one. It makes brilliant use of video to set the scene and has a score that is reminiscent of the original, but still unique.

Some of the musical numbers are pure delightful, others quite contrite, and Act I is definitely stronger than Act II plot-wise. I had entered the Adelphi Theatre in a bit of a despondent mood, but as I tweeted at the end of the show: "Aaah, the restorative power of theatre to the soul. We'll ignore that Act II wasn't as glorious as Act I. I blame the lack of tea." I know I say this about everything I see on the West End, but it's worth seeing!

Speaking of lack of tea, it's not a latest love because it's a constant love, but I thought I'd show some love for tea in this week's latest loves. Big fan. Enough said. Milk and one sugar, ta.

Another love that's not a latest love, but one that deserves a shout-out, is South Park. Would I lose a lot of readers if I confess that Eric Cartman is my hero? Matt Stone and Trey Parker are utter geniuses who manage to lampoon popular culture, society and celebrities superbly, and this is one show I should probably always watch on my own because it has me in stitches. Really hideously embarrassing snigger-happy stitches. Now, all I need is someone to throw a fancy dress party so I can go as Cartman. No, really

Finally, it's a 'clever creative stuff' for my last love this week. It's not Snakes and Ladders in the traditional way, but how McCann Erikson in Israel roll it out. Brilliant use of a Facebook album!

What are your latest loves? x


  1. Ha! The guys on my team at work are OBSESSED with Cartman!

  2. I agree south park rules!!