Other goals update

I thought I'd do a quick update on my 'other goals' seeing as I am taking a break from the writing goals at the moment.

#1 was to limit myself to 12 reads a month, which means by the end of June I shouldn't have read more than 60 books. I'm currently reading book 55, so I'm on track with this goal! However, I have been on a bit of a book-buying binge in the past week with my to-read pile standing at 70 books ... must stick to my limit!

#2 was to blog online at least 5 times a month. I know I haven't done this, but I am going to sneakily add up January - May's blog posts, which gives me a total 29 blog posts and that's on average more than 5 posts a month! ;)

#3 was for me to visit 2 new countries this year. In April I went to Ireland for the very first time and next month I'm going to Greece and a country yet to be decided! With Greece though this goal is achieved!

#4 was for me to see 2 West End musicals. I saw Legally Blonde in April, which was brilliant, and I'll definitely be going to see another musical soon. Now, all I need to do is decide between Sister Act and Sweet Charity!

If you made goals or resolutions for 2010, how are you doing in achieving them? x


  1. The only one I think I've achieved is meeting other bloggers - but I've went from have meeting none in real life to meeting quite a few, just in the space of a few months, so I certainly kicked the ass out of that goal anyway!

  2. I would pick Sister Act. Well out of them two! Lion King and WWRY are next on my list.

    Go you on the reading lol. I need a clear out of my books - well maybe I still gave a bit of space hehe.

  3. @ P - And those bloggers you met included meeeee! :) x

    @ Han - I've already seen The Lion King and WWRY (twice) - I've seen most things actually; there's not much remaining for me to see! :O I still need to clear out some more books, especially after today's buying binge!! :)

  4. I saw your comment on Insert your blog name here. I love your name! Do you love it? When you meet people at a bar or something do they know what your name is?

  5. There's a rumour that Legally blonde will end next year to make way for Bridget Jones as the producer wants the Savoy Theatre for Bridget Jones. SHe also doesn't want Bridget to compete with Legally Blonde.