Writing Competitions - March 31st deadlines

If you recall, my 2010 writing goal #8 is to enter at least three writing competitions.

Well, two competitions have deadlines coming up at the end of March, so I thought I'd remind people of them in case you also want to enter.

There's The Bristol Short Story Prize:

Deadline: March 31st
Word-count and content: 3,000 words maximum, no minimum. Any theme/subject/style.
Fee: £7
Prize(s): 1st = £500 and £150 Waterstone’s Gift Card; 2nd = £350 and £100 Waterstone’s Gift Card; 3rd = £200 and £100 Waterstone’s Gift Card. The next 17 shortlisted finalists receive £50; the top 20 entries will be published in the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology Volume 3.

And there's also the Commonwealth Short Story Competition, found via writesofluid:

Deadline: March 31st
Word-count and content: Less than 600 words. Any topic, but there are special prizes for best children’s story and the best story concerning Science, Technology and Society.
Fee: Free
Prize(s): First prize £2,000; Special & Regional prizes of £500

Good luck if you decide to enter! x

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  1. The current stories that I have on the go don't really have finishing points lol. I could always chop down the story I sent to you but that again doesn't really have a finish lol.