Sixteen days without...

I hope you're all sitting down. That's because I have an announcement:

It has been sixteen days since I last finished reading a book.


What can I say, I've just been very busy with that crazy thing called life: Manchester, the penthouse, and the girls get a big shout-out for the weekend's fun, fabbity times {^_^}

But, I've also been busy writing away - 2009 was the year of reading books. 2010 is the year of writing them - and I've made some plans for what I'm up to this month writing-wise.

I've decided to shelve my first book Lottie. I've always said that it's the book I wrote to learn how to write a book and I know it's not good enough for publication without a lot of revising. I love a lot of it - there are some *brilliant* bits in it - but it needs more work than I can give it at the moment. Even if it never sees the shelves, my fourth book is a spin-off from it and I know that *will* be published. So, Tabitha is my main priority at the moment, plus I also need to write my short story for The Bristol Short Story Prize.

That's me, but what has everyone else got planned for this month? Hope there's something fun in your plans! Also, does anyone want to take a guess at how many books they think I'll read this month? I bet I won't reach my quota of 12 books! xoxo

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  1. I still am not over my shock that you haven't read any books in so long. When you told me that in Starbucks on Sunday I was really shocked. PS I STILL haven't finished that tiny little Little Black Dress book I wasn't enjoying then!

    As for that I've got planned this month? Kelly Clarkson on Thurs, taking my friend out for dinner as a belated bday treat on Friday (i missed her bday night out to come to Manchester, eek), heading to an eighties place on Sat, going to a wedding show the following sat . . . tons to do!

    Maybe at some point I'll even begin that bloody writing course...