Beautiful Blogger Award

I'm rather late in doing this, but better late than never! Sammy tagged me for the Beautiful Blogger Award, so I have to share seven things about me. As I have travel on my mind at the moment, I'm going to make these seven things travel-related!

Feel free to do this if you want - you're all Beautiful Bloggers. {^_^}

1. I practically lived in France as a child - it felt like it anyway - and that means I'm very familiar with the likes of Astérix, Obélix and Tintin. You can forget EuroDisney - though I have been there a billion times - Parc Astérix is the place to go. Those who have read TROG might recall that Arielle's best friend is nicknamed Obélix... I wonder where that influence came from!

2. My first holiday away with friends was to Cancún, Mexico. As we were there at the end of May/early June it was packed with American students who behaved very rowdy; that made us behave quite contrary at times... when we weren't pretending to be from Alabama, that is! Cancún is lots of fun though we, of course, popped into Yucatán to visit Chichén Itzá:

3. When I was 20 I made my first trip to the Southern Hemisphere. We flew to Natal in Brazil, stayed in Ponta Negra, but also travelled up and down the coast of the state of Rio Grande do Norte. I absolutely fell in love with a place called Pipa: a few weeks after we got back Vanity Fair recommended Pipa as one of *the* hip places to visit. I'm such a trend-setter! We also took a buggy over the Genipabu dunes and had the best Caipirinha EVER in a "bar" located in a river. Amazing trip!

4. In January 2007 I was in the Czech Republic for a week. As a child we only really did France, mainland Spain, the Canaries and the Balearic's, so I was very happy to see some more of Europe. Prague is brilliant, even though it was FREEZING with proper snow when we were there - none of this UK "snow" malarkey.

5. Between finishing my final exams and graduation week, I spent two weeks in the Dominican Republic. We were supposed to go to Venezuela, but political riots broke out and, so, we didn't go there. 

6. Last year I visited three new countries: Egypt, Jordan and Turkey. As a child I wanted to be an Egyptologist, though I didn't go and see the pyramids. We went to the Gulf of Aqaba instead. I absolutely fell in love with Jordan, but I'm not a fan of Turkey. You can read more about those trips here, here and here!

7. I'll hopefully be heading to California in May/June, but I *really* want to go to Argentina and South Africa. I've never been to South Africa, yet Geli is partially set there so it feels like I have! You can keep Cape Town though, Geli's heart belongs to Durban. {^_^} x


  1. I'm really jealous of all the places you've been!

  2. wow, you've been to some fantastic places!! I too have major travel envy!

  3. I feel like I've been hardly anywhere comapred to some people I know!! Wish I could travel more. :)

  4. You need to add Kenya to the list! And I daresay Capetown kicks Durban's ass! Anyway, I really enjoyed this.